Schnitzelburg Community Farmers Market: SCFM Farmer Spotlight

Friday, March 10, 2017

SCFM Farmer Spotlight

We are excited to have Talking Trees Gardens at the SCFM. Greg Zimmerer is a very innovative farmer. His story is very interesting and we are thankful to have him join us.

Talking Trees Garden story:

After becoming interested in homesteading in 2011 I discovered permaculture as a sustainable system of growing food while also improving habitat for wildlife and beneficial insects. I became certified as a permaculture system designer in 2013 and began designing systems that provide benefits for humans, wildlife and the environment.  I am currently a senior at UofL in the geosciences department with an emphasis on environmental analysis. This is the first season for Talking Trees Gardens. It is an urban farm that grows in backyards in Louisville. I utilize wasted lawn space to produce healthy fresh and very local vegetables. I use beyond organic methods for growing and never use any chemicals on my farm. I am excited to join the Schnitzelburg farmers market and look forward to providing fresh local produce to the community

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