Schnitzelburg Community Farmers Market: SCFM Vendor Spotlight

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

SCFM Vendor Spotlight

SCFM Vendor Spotlight:

Please help me in welcoming the Bean Coffee to the SCFM. We are all excited about strolling through the SCFM with a warm cup of coffee. Billy & the rest of the Bean team are going to take care of us all. They will definitely be a highlight of our Saturday mornings.

 The Bean Story:

For over a decade, Billy Seckman’s dream has been to open a community-centered coffee shop in his own neighborhood, Germantown. He roasted over 8 million pounds of coffee as lead roaster of Java Brewing Co. & couldn’t wait for the day to bring this skill to his own backyard. As a roaster of specialty coffee, he is always looking for the sweet spot of a particular bean, such as the blueberry nuances that can be found in Ethiopian Harrar, or the bright citrus notes of Costa Rican Naranjo. His attention to detail allows for consistency & creativity, & that can be found at his local shop, Bean, nestled in the heart of Schnitzelburg on the corners of Goss and Texas Avenues.

Roasting coffee for Billy is an artisan craft that doesn’t rely on computers to set the roast profile. Instead, he uses his senses to connect to this process--man & bean connecting to create the finest cup of coffee to share and enjoy with other human beings. And you can watch him do it, right in the back room, where he roasts in-house. This do-it-yourself attitude found at Bean (where most of the decor was found, thrifted, or built) creates a welcoming atmosphere where community is cultivated. Visit Bean more than once, and they’ll probably know your name.  

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