Schnitzelburg Community Farmers Market: SCFM Vendor Spotlight

Friday, March 10, 2017

SCFM Vendor Spotlight

I believe we are all excited to have Kimberly Curran LMT joining us at the SCFM. She is a massage therapist located right here in Schnitzelburg.  Kimberly cares about your health & well being. She advocates for taking the time to take preventative measures, maintaining & healing what might be ailing you through therapeutic massage. You can invigorate your morning or relax after wandering the SCFM with a massage. She also has another interesting inspirational start to her business.

Massage....Healing Hands for Everyone story:

Kimberly Curran opened her massage practice at 842 Mulberry St. in March of 2015. Shortly before leaving JCPS as a middle school teacher of 20 years,  she had a dream one night of massaging the faces & hands of "challenging" students. Though not believing that it was a realistic option, it did plant the seed for her to research massage therapy and later enter this new career of helping people in a different way.  Two years later, she says that it was "a wonderful fit" for her.

She has been a resident of Schnitzelburg since 2009 & couldn't imagine living anywhere else. The diversity of people & having everything needed withing walking distance is important to her because of the personal connection between neighbors & businesses.

Kimberly believes that therapeutic massage is healthcare, not a luxury, & should be attainable by more people so she offers one hour sessions on a sliding scale.  Personalized treatments of 30-150 minute are offered.  She would love to be a part of your healthcare routine.

Kimberly Curran -LMT
MASSAGE...Healing for Everyone

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