Schnitzelburg Community Farmers Market: SCFM Farmer Spotlight

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SCFM Farmer Spotlight

SCFM Farmer's Spotlight:
We would like to welcome Katie O's Garden joining us this season at the SCFM. We are very excited about the lovely blackberries & all the other delicious produce they will be bringing to the SCFM. It's another fascinating story that brings Katie to farming. We applaud both of you in your efforts & dedication to sustainable practices. We applaud you for being booth Kentucky Proud & Rooted in Shelby.
Katie O's Garden Story:
Katie O developed her love of gardening by helping her dad in the 1960's with an expansive garden for their large family that included many varieties of berries. She is a retired Hospital Professional that enjoys promoting health through farming. Her husband Mark has a horticulture background & they both volunteer on various local councils and committees in Shelby County to help promote farming and health.
Katie O's Garden is a small family farm located in scenic Shelby County that offers many varieties of fresh vegetables and fruit since 2008, especially heirlooms. Mark and I strive to provide our community with nutritious and local produce that is visually appealing. We use sustainable practices such as crop rotation, growing many different types of vegetables, planting cover crops and not utilizing chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Our produce includes, but definitely not limited to, asparagus, beautiful lettuces, peas, blackberries, summer/fall squash, cucumbers, eggplant, sweet/hot peppers, colorful heirloom tomatoes, assorted potatoes, okra, varied greens, melons and green beans. We also offer cool weather crops in the winter months & make jams & breads from our produce.
We are Kentucky Proud, Rooted In Shelby & look forward to seeing everyone at the Schnitzerburg Community Farmers Market!

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