Schnitzelburg Community Farmers Market

Friday, March 31, 2017

SCFM Farmer Spotlight

SCFM Farmer Spotlight:

Please help us to welcome Pavel's Garden to the SCFM. We are in awe of the beauty of the produce in these pics. We will be looking forward to what you will bring to market this season. We thank you for joining us this year.

Pavel's Garden Story:

Pavel’s Garden is family-run and operated CSA & Market Garden. We grow a diverse range of produce spanning all four seasons. Applying an intensive crop management system helps us maximize the amount of produce we can grow on just four acres that we lease from Foxhollow Farm, in Oldham County, KY. To create a healthy growing environment without the use of conventional fertilizers, pesticides & herbicides we employ natural growing methods such as crop rotations & cover cropping. Our main source of fertility comes from compost which we make on site. We also employ bio-dynamic methods including herbal sprays & preparations as well as adopting the philosophy that the farm is a living organism, & we should treat it as such. It is our belief that this produces the healthiest food available.

Pavel is the backbone & face of the garden. He is passionate about cover cropping & soil improvement. As the manager of the garden, his tasks range from planting to harvesting, tractor cultivation & weed suppression & all the tasks in between.
His first taste of gardening was as a child in Russia at the country dacha. He was tasked with berry picking, collecting potato beetles (for pest suppression) & double digging garden beds. 
He has been a student of the land ever since & believes it is vital to never stop observing, learning & evolving.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

SCFM Barnraiser Campaign

Friends we are asking you to help donate. Every donation is truly a blessing. We are a Non-Profit ran solely by volunteers. We realize we are going to need some help financially while getting started. These funds will go to getting office supplies, landscaping materials, signs, banners, SCFM tent, tables, bike rack and much more. This is the link to our Barnraiser campaign. We need your assistance in reaching our goals to make this a spectacular farmers market. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST to HELP spread the word. All contributors will be listed on our website & Facebook page. Thank you all.

There are several rewards for donating to the Schnitzelburg Community Farmers Market (SCFM): 

$10 - SCFM Sticker 
$20 - Seed Packet 
$50 - SCFM Tote bag
$75- "My Farmers Market Is The Schnitz Y'All!" T-Shirt  
$100 SCFM Personal Shopper (reserved parking space & concierge service while at the market) 
$500 - SCFM Market Chef (market only ingredient meal for 2 prepared by Chef Andrea Riegling)
$1000 - Picnic on the Farm & a lot of swag (market only ingredient picnic lunch prepared by Chef Andrea Riegling, a tour of one of the SCFM participating farms, 2 SCFM t-shirts, 2 Seed Packets, & 2 SCFM Stickers)

Click here to donate😊

SCFM Vendor Spotlight

SCFM Vendor Spotlight:

Please help me in welcoming the Bean Coffee to the SCFM. We are all excited about strolling through the SCFM with a warm cup of coffee. Billy & the rest of the Bean team are going to take care of us all. They will definitely be a highlight of our Saturday mornings.

 The Bean Story:

For over a decade, Billy Seckman’s dream has been to open a community-centered coffee shop in his own neighborhood, Germantown. He roasted over 8 million pounds of coffee as lead roaster of Java Brewing Co. & couldn’t wait for the day to bring this skill to his own backyard. As a roaster of specialty coffee, he is always looking for the sweet spot of a particular bean, such as the blueberry nuances that can be found in Ethiopian Harrar, or the bright citrus notes of Costa Rican Naranjo. His attention to detail allows for consistency & creativity, & that can be found at his local shop, Bean, nestled in the heart of Schnitzelburg on the corners of Goss and Texas Avenues.

Roasting coffee for Billy is an artisan craft that doesn’t rely on computers to set the roast profile. Instead, he uses his senses to connect to this process--man & bean connecting to create the finest cup of coffee to share and enjoy with other human beings. And you can watch him do it, right in the back room, where he roasts in-house. This do-it-yourself attitude found at Bean (where most of the decor was found, thrifted, or built) creates a welcoming atmosphere where community is cultivated. Visit Bean more than once, and they’ll probably know your name.  

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SCFM Farmer Spotlight

Please help us to welcome Full Heart Farm to the SCFM. We are looking forward to Beth's culinary creativity. I am including a pic in the spotlight of her apple roses. We are looking forward to wonderful breads, jams, jellies and much more.

At Full Heart Farm we strive to provide the community with the freshest, healthy granola available.  Our farm grows a variety of herbs such as lemongrass, stevia, horehound, blue tuscan rosemary, lemon balm, basil, parsley, cilantro and nasturtium which provide flavor as well as herbal healing benefits.  The addition of the herb blend allows us to use less sugar and provide a product full of flavor. We add ground flax seed to some flavors to provide omega-3 fatty acids.

We also grow a small garden and use zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, carrots and squashes in our bread recipes.   Our garden methods use sustainable nourishment methods where we add nutrients back into the soil with compost.  We don’t use chemicals or sprays on our garden. 

At Full Heart Farm we aim to build a community of farmers/vendors who support each other and promote each other’s talents, all working together to provide our community with the best products available.

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SCFM Farmer Spotlight

SCFM Farmer Spotlight:

Please join us in welcoming Farmer Joe to the SCFM. Joe is raising healthy animals to provide meat at our market. He is another innovative farmer trying to raise quality & standards in his area of farming. We are looking forward to his wide variety of meats.

After graduating from UK & being in the workforce for 5 years, I felt as though I wasn’t in the right place to make a positive impact in the world. I took over the family farm in 2013 & began changing it from a traditional hay and cattle format to a more diversified operation. I added laying chickens, broilers, turkeys, sheep, & pigs. We began to rotate & graze the animals. We have seen a huge difference in production of the farm. Now we raise grass fed/finished beef, pastured eggs, broilers, ducks, & turkeys all on certified organic pastures. The poultry is fed a supplemental non-GMO grain in addition to the pastures. I also work with neighboring farms for our grass fed/finished lamb and pastured pork. I absolutely love working on the farm and being able to raise healthy food for people to enjoy! I have been in markets in Danville and Lexington the past couple years and I am excited to join the SCFM.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SCFM Farmer Spotlight

SCFM Farmer Spotlight:
Please join us in welcoming Pure Pollen Flowers to the SCFM. What a spectacular opportunity to purchase fresh locally grown flowers at the SCFM to fill your home or to give as gifts. There is no disputing that the beauty of flowers is magical.
Pure Pollen Flowers Story:
After four years in the floral shop industry, Christy O'Connell decided to start Pure Pollen Flowers, a full service, freelance floral business offering organic, locally grown and native flora. She initially began growing at Les Snyder’s Family Farm to learn the ropes, and continues her journey at Foxhollow Farm. Pure Pollen Flowers does weddings, events and local deliveries, along with three farmers markets (Schnitzelburg Community Farmers Market, St. Matthews Beargrass Christian Farmers Market and the Phoenix Hill Farmers Market at Fresh Start Growers Supply). Stay tuned in with Christy for information on parties in the flowers field, CSA sign ups and holidays. For more information visit or email Make sure to follow Pure Pollen on Instagram @purepollenflowers

SCFM Farmer Spotlight

SCFM Farmer's Spotlight:
We would like to welcome Katie O's Garden joining us this season at the SCFM. We are very excited about the lovely blackberries & all the other delicious produce they will be bringing to the SCFM. It's another fascinating story that brings Katie to farming. We applaud both of you in your efforts & dedication to sustainable practices. We applaud you for being booth Kentucky Proud & Rooted in Shelby.
Katie O's Garden Story:
Katie O developed her love of gardening by helping her dad in the 1960's with an expansive garden for their large family that included many varieties of berries. She is a retired Hospital Professional that enjoys promoting health through farming. Her husband Mark has a horticulture background & they both volunteer on various local councils and committees in Shelby County to help promote farming and health.
Katie O's Garden is a small family farm located in scenic Shelby County that offers many varieties of fresh vegetables and fruit since 2008, especially heirlooms. Mark and I strive to provide our community with nutritious and local produce that is visually appealing. We use sustainable practices such as crop rotation, growing many different types of vegetables, planting cover crops and not utilizing chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Our produce includes, but definitely not limited to, asparagus, beautiful lettuces, peas, blackberries, summer/fall squash, cucumbers, eggplant, sweet/hot peppers, colorful heirloom tomatoes, assorted potatoes, okra, varied greens, melons and green beans. We also offer cool weather crops in the winter months & make jams & breads from our produce.
We are Kentucky Proud, Rooted In Shelby & look forward to seeing everyone at the Schnitzerburg Community Farmers Market!